People. Process. Personalization.

How are we different? At MBS our focus is on three key areas: our people, our process and customer personalization. We start with hiring dedicated personnel and training them with the tools they need to meet or exceed expectations. Next, we apply our unique SMART process. Then, after a detailed look of the property, we customize for specific customer preferences and extra care areas. Here are some of the things that set us apart:


All Employees - all of our cleaners are permanent employees. We do not subcontract, ever. 

Low Turnover - because of our commitment to integrity, respect, open communication and innovation, we have one of the lowest turnover rates in the industry.


Process (SMART)

Select - choose the right people for the task based on loyalty, trust, commitment and expertise

Manage - with respect and high expectations

Adapt - customize for specific customer preferences and extra care areas through a detailed look of the property

Resolve - issues quickly using communication and "adaptive learning" methods

Train - with the latest techniques and tools to ensure the highest quality cleaning



Detailed Floor Plan - after the initial walk through of the property we develop a detailed plan and allocate extra time at the front end for our cleaning crew to familiarize themselves with each building. We then create a personalized cleaning plan based on your needs.

Adaptive Learning - through communication, problem solving and the latest cleaning tools, we consistently adapt our approach to meet your needs.

Ongoing Customization - for extra care areas and customer preferences.


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